Vegan Beauty Products: Why You Should Go Vegan with Your Beauty Routines

As the world becomes more conscious about sustainability, animal rights, and environmental preservation, the latest trend of going vegan is not just limited to food. More people are also embracing veganism in their beauty routines and leaning towards adding more vegan beauty products into their regime. With an ever-growing shift towards ethical and cruelty-free products, beauty and cosmetics industries are beginning to see an enormous rise in vegan beauty products.

What Do Vegan Beauty Products Entail?

Veganism in the beauty industry means that the products are free from animal-derived ingredients. Moreover, as vegan beauty is still a super-niche category, it can often be confused with other jargon in the same sector.
Essentially, vegan beauty products mean the absence of animal ingredients, while cruelty-free is a different term and indicates that the product doesn’t test on animals. In other words, it’s possible for a vegan item to have been tested on an animal and a cruelty-free product to contain animal ingredients.

So Why Should You Go Vegan with Your Beauty Routine?

With vegan beauty, there is a lot to get excited about and if you’re looking at revamping your makeup bag, now is the perfect time to do so. With a plethora of vegan beauty brands, like us here at Bbare, more brands are delivering on bringing innovation to the beauty industry without compromising on their ethics or morals.
Here are some reasons why you should go vegan with your beauty routine.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of animal-derived ingredients in some beauty products such as gelatine, lanolin and beeswax have a substantial negative impact on the environment. The production of these ingredients requires the use of large amounts of resources that have a harmful effect on the environment, such as land, water, and energy. By using vegan products, you are actively reducing the environmental impact of your beauty routine.

Ethical Values

Choosing vegan beauty products for your beauty routine is also an important reflection of your ethical values. For example, by supporting companies that are committed to cruelty-free and ethical practices, like us at Bbare, you are contributing to a better world. 

Health & Skin Benefits

Vegan beauty products are often made from natural ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. This means that they are gentler on the skin and can help to prevent skin irritation.

An Array of Options

Despite more brands bringing vegan beauty products to the market, there is a growing  misconception that vegan beauty products are limited in both drange and quality. However, with the growing popularity of veganism, there are now many high-quality and diverse vegan beauty products available on the market from various brands, including Bbare. From skincare to makeup, you can find vegan options for all your beauty needs.

The Summary

In summary, going vegan with your beauty routine and adding more vegan beauty products to your six-step routines are a great way to promote ethical values, protect the environment, and also improve your skin health! With the increasing availability and quality of vegan beauty products, there has never been a better time to make a switch.
Here at Bbare, we pride ourselves on being 100% cruelty free and vegan with all of our products.