Introducing Frekii Pen: The Simple Way For Faux Freckles

Introducing Frekii Pen: The Simple Way For Faux Freckles In the beauty world, freckles have always been considered a symbol of natural beauty, adding a hint of ethereal and charm to any face. With their increasing popularity, freckles are once again taking centre stage, offering a chance to embrace individuality and celebrate unique features. From runway models to everyday makeup enthusiasts, everyone seems to be embracing the sun-kissed, freckled look. If you're looking to hop on the trend without committing to permanent freckles, Frekii Pen is here to help. 

What Is Frekii Pen?

With BBare’s innovative Frekii Pen, getting natural-looking, faux freckles has never been easier. 

Frekii Pen is a temporary faux freckle makeup that effortlessly creates realistic, natural-looking freckles with a single application. With its pioneering formula, Frekii Pen has been expertly formulated to create a buildable and long-lasting freckled finish on the skin that's both easy to apply and looks realistic with ease. 

The ultra-fine and precise tip of Frekii Pen ensures that applying and dotting on your freckles is equally as simple. Simply dot onto your face in small constellations and blend with your fingertips to achieve a subtle, on-trend freckled look and, voila! 

Moreover, Frekii Pen is versatile enough to be used for both everyday wear and special occasions. It's perfect for those who want to experiment with the freckled look without the commitment of sunbeds or semi-permanent makeup solutions. Plus, it's compact and portable, making it easy to carry with you on-the-go. 

Available in Soft Smudge Brown and Medium Marble Brown, our two luxury shades are perfect for achieving an ultra-natural, real-skin appearance. The natural-looking, sun-kissed look you'll get from using Frekii Pen is just what you need to enhance your natural beauty. 

Pair with Frekii Face, BBare's own small finger applicator, for an even more polished finish. It's perfect for softening and blending your freckles for a subtle, sun-kissed look without the harsh beams! 

How to Use Frekii Pen 

Using Frekii Pen is simple and straightforward. Here's how to achieve your desired freckled look: 

1. Start with clean, moisturised skin. 

2. Shake the Frekii Pen well before use. 

3. Using the ultra-fine and precise tip, dot onto your face in small constellations to achieve your desired freckled look. 

4. Blend with your fingertips, or Frekii Face applicator, to achieve a subtle, natural-looking finish. 

5. Repeat until you have achieved your desired level of freckles. 

The Summary: 

In conclusion, Frekii Pen is the simple way for faux freckles. Embrace the trend and enhance your natural beauty with this easy-to-use and innovative product. Get your hands on Frekii Pen today and enjoy the sun-kissed, freckled look you've been looking for.