How To Laminate Your Brows At Home Without The Price Tag

How To Laminate Your Brows At HomeAs beauty trends continue to flood our TikTok and Instagram feeds, the trend of thick, luscious, laminated eyebrows has taken the beauty world by storm. Paying homage to fashion icons such as Cara Delevigne and renowned actresses like Lily Collins, many individuals are now choosing to turn to cosmetic treatments like brow lamination to achieve this coveted look.

However, the expensive price tag of regular upkeep can be a deterrent for many who wish for full brows. As a result, more people are searching for ‘how to laminate your brows at home’ to help save on increasing costs, especially during the living crisis many of us face. So, if you're among the floods of budget-conscious beauty enthusiasts, fear not! We've got the answer for ‘how to laminate your brows at home’ for sleek, modelesque brows, without breaking the bank.

Ps: our top tried secret involves using Bbare’s affordable, at-home solution that proves easy to obtain and use. Helping you to achieve the perfect brow look you desire, all while keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket.

What Is Eyebrow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a beauty treatment that has gained popularity in recent years due to its long-lasting effects without the need for makeup. This treatment involves the use of specialised chemical solution to temporarily soften and reshape the brow hairs, giving them a fuller, fluffier appearance.The brow hairs are then brushed into the desired shape and set with a fixing solution.
And the result? A set of perfectly groomed and defined brows that can last for up to several weeks with required maintenance.

What Are The Benefits of Brow Lamination?

With a host of benefits for brow lamination, it’s unsurprising the popularity this treatment has gained in recent times. Firstly, brow lamination can give the illusion of fuller, fluffier brows, even if the natural brow hairs are sparse or thin. Moreover, it is a relatively quick and easy treatment that can be done in under an hour by a trained professional.

Finally, the results can last for up to seven weeks, making it a low-maintenance solution for those who want to avoid daily brow grooming - reducing the need to wear makeup for freely brows, day to day.

What Are The Negatives of Brow Lamination?

Like any cosmetic treatment, brow lamination treatment can come with some side effects and downsides. For example, people may experience irritation or allergic reactions to the chemicals used in the treatment - leading to a host of other issues. It is also possible for the brow hairs to become damaged or weakened if the treatment is not done properly or if it is done too frequently.

It is important to do your research and choose a credible beautician to ensure that the treatment is done safely and effectively. Brow lamination can also become an expensive process with top-ups and monthly treatments.

How Can I Laminate My Brows At Home?

So, if you're looking to get those perfectly laminated brows without breaking the bank, the Bbare Brow Bae is the perfect solution for those asking ‘how do I laminate my brows at home’.

With our advanced Brow Bae, you can easily achieve that on-trend, model-like look without spending a premium at the salon.

What is The Bbare Brow Bae & How Can I Laminate My Brows At Home?

Unlike many other brow products on the market, the Bbare Brow Bae is formulated with our customers in mind.

Our formula is designed with all-natural, vegan ingredients that are gentle on your skin and your brows, ensuring that you can be confident in the products you're adding to your beauty kit.

Transforming your brows from flat to fluffy, our compact Brow Bae is specifically designed to create the perfectly shaped and groomed brow with ease. Delivering a full and fluffy effect that lasts all day long, the Bbare Brow Bae is perfect for those unwilling to spend on monthly brow lamination treatments.

Once activated by our Growth Activation Spray, the unique formula of our compact instantly thickens to ensure that every hair is held in place, creating the perfect feathered look that gives Ms Delevigne a run for her money.

Why Choose The Bbare Brow Bae?

Our handy compact is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups or for a quick and easy at-home application - rather than turning to traditional brow lamination. For example, It's easy to use, mess-free, and provides long-lasting results that will keep your brows looking perfect all day.

Whether you're a makeup enthusiast, a busy professional or someone on the search for an alternative to traditional brow lamination, our mini compact is the perfect addition to your beauty routine. With just a few swipes of our brush, you can achieve the coveted laminated brow look in no time.

How Do I Use The Brow Bae?

Follow these simple and easy-to-use instructions to achieve the perfect laminated brow look without the price tag.

1. Begin by opening the Brow Bae and misting the Growth Activation Spray directly into the gel. Move the spoolie around the product to ensure it's evenly coated.
2. Next, start brushing your brows up using the coated spoolie. Leave them for 30 seconds to set.
3. After 30 seconds, go back in with more product if needed to achieve the full effect. Use both sides of the spoolie to brush up your hairs for your desired look.
4. Once your brows are starting to set (usually after 1 minute), you can begin to place your brow hairs in position to create your desired shape.
5. Finally, at the end of the day, wash off the Brow Balm Compact using our specially formulated Brow Cleanser to ensure your skin is clean and refreshed.

By following these simple steps, you'll have perfectly laminated brows that will last all day long. So, whether you're heading to the office, out for a night on the town, or just running errands, our Brow Bae Compact will keep your brows looking flawless.

What’s The Difference Between Brow Bae and Traditional Brow Lamination?

While traditional brow lamination involves the use of chemicals and can be harsh on the brows, our Brow Bae method is a natural and gentle alternative that is easy to do at home. Traditional brow lamination can only be done by a professional and requires a salon appointment. This can be time-consuming and costly, especially if you want to maintain the look long-term. Our Brow Bae method, on the other hand, can be done easily and quickly at home. All you need is our Brow Bae, a spoolie brush, and a few minutes of your time. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional brow lamination.

Furthermore, our Brow Bae method provides a more natural and customisable look than traditional brow lamination. With traditional lamination, the shape and  direction of the brows are predetermined and can be difficult to adjust. With our balm, you have more control over the shape and direction of your brows, allowing you to create a look that suits your individual preferences.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, achieving the perfect brow lamination doesn't have to cost a fortune. With our Brow Bae, you can easily achieve that on-trend catwalk look from the comfort of your own home.

Simply follow the steps above and let our powerful ingredients work their magic.