Body Balm: How Can You Treat Dry Skin In Spring

When spring springs forth and as the weather warms up, it's not uncommon for our skin to become dull and dehydrated. The change in temperature and humidity as the seasons pass can wreak havoc on our skin, leaving it feeling and looking lacklustre and dry - and it’s both our facial skin and bodies that are unfortunately susceptible to these side-effects. Fortunately, there is a solution to quench skin dryness and bring parched skin back from the brink: body balm.

Choosing The Right Body Balm:

Whilst there are numerous types of body balms available on the market, although they may differ, their overall purpose remains the same. If you’re unfamiliar with the likes of a body balm, it is a highly moisturising topical cream that can help hydrate and nourish dry skin. 
One product in particular that is seemingly in a league of its own, is none other than Bbare’s Tara's TLC Body Balm. This body butter is specially designed to maintain healthy, hydrated, and well-moisturised skin upon application, with its range of scents that sets itself apart from others.With five dreamy scents, Tara's TLC Body Balm is a go-to not just for dry skin, but also for indulging in a luxurious fragrance.
Let's explore the benefits of this body balm and learn how it can help you treat dry skin in spring.

Tara’s TLC Body Balm

IIn an ever-growing skincare market, where a host of products are introduced daily, Tara's TLC Body Balm effortlessly rises above the competition with its heavenly formula and superior longevity.

The Ingredients:

The first benefit of Tara's TLC Body Balm is its specialised blend of moisturising agents. This balm is infused with a combination of skin-loving ingredients that work together to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin for summer skin, 365 days a year. These ingredients provide long-lasting moisture and improve skin texture, leaving the body feeling both soft and smooth.
Unlike other body creams that can leave a greasy residue, Tara's TLC Body Balm glides effortlessly onto the skin and melts into a silky smooth finish after application. This velvety cream is perfect for spring weather, as it won't leave you feeling weighed down or sticky as the spring sun shines.

Long-Lasting Benefits:

The third benefit of this body balm is its long-lasting hydration. With a specialised blend of moisturising nutrients, Bbare’s body balm keeps bodies and complexions hydrated and nourished for days, with a long-lasting scent.. This means that you can apply it once, and your skin will feel moisturised for hours, if not days. This is especially important during spring, when the air is drier and can cause your skin to become dehydrated quickly.

The Scents:

Tara's TLC Body Balm is a luxurious product that offers not only optimal hydration but also leaves you feeling fabulous and smelling divine. With five delicious scents to choose from, this body balm is inspired by some of your favourite perfumes, making it a powerhouse combination that can elevate your skincare routine to the next level. The long-lasting hydration and delightful fragrance of Tara's TLC Body Balm make it an indulgent treat that you won't be able to resist.

Fragrances include:

The Takeaway

Keeping your skin moisturised is essential throughout the year, but it becomes even more crucial in the spring when the weather starts to warm up. 
During this season, the air becomes drier, and the wind can be harsh on your skin, leading to dryness and irritation. Moisturising your skin helps to lock in moisture, keeping it hydrated, supple and buttery smooth.
By keeping your skin moisturised, you can maintain its health and appearance, making it look and feel soft, smooth, and radiant. Therefore, it is vital to make moisturising a part of your daily skincare routine in the spring to keep your skin healthy and glowing - with Tara’s TLC Body Balm.